Native Trees

Planting and preserving native plant species in the Pacific Northwest offers benefits beyond your backyard. Native trees support the local ecosystem and benefit humans and wildlife. 

These trees have evolved over time to thrive in the Pacific Northwest climate, soil conditions, and biodiversity. As a result, they require less maintenance, water, and resources than non-native species. Trees native to our area mean a more eco-friendly landscaping approach.

Ecological Benefits of Planting Native Trees

The ecological benefits of planting native trees include preserving biodiversity by providing habitats, shade, shelter, and food sources for local wildlife. Trees provide seeds, nuts, and fruit. Insects make their home in these trees and are another food source for birds and mammals. Birds nest in native trees, and creating more habitat for them helps preserve native species and can attract more endangered birds to live in the area.

Native trees in the Pacific Northwest can help contribute to:

  • Soil health – native trees can stabilize soil, enhance the streamside habitat for aquatic and terrestrial wildlife, and improve water quality.

  • Water conservation. Their root systems can help prevent soil erosion and enhance soil structure.. These trees also aid in water retention, reducing runoff. Native plants typically don’t need as much supplemental water because they are adapted to our climate.

  • Slow the progression of climate change – trees act as carbon sinks, absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. They can also help to cool the air and provide shade. In urban areas, this can be especially important.

Native Trees Benefit Communities

The benefits of planting native trees in Oregon extend beyond the environment. They can contribute to the health and well-being of communities. Green spaces with trees enhance the quality of life for residents, offering places for recreation, reducing stress, and improving mental health. These green areas also improve air quality by filtering pollutants, creating a healthier living environment.


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