Shipping and Digging

At Kuenzi Turf & Nursery, we dig and ship the finest quality nursery products available. Growing using in-ground root control bags allows us the flexibility to dig and ship much of our inventory year round. You can also combine sod delivery with your nursery order. Call us for contractor pricing for sod when you place your tree order.

Bare Root Liners and Japanese Maples
Our digging window for liners and Japanese maples is during the winter when plants are dormant.
For best availability place your liners orders in the summer for the coming year.
Digging and shipping occurs in the Winter and early Spring.

Missed getting your order in? You can always check the bare root availability from February through April.

Specimen Shade and Flowering Trees
Specimen shade trees can be dug throughout the year, with a few days notice.

Shade Tree Pickup and Shipment details
Due to our product typically being sold to wholesalers and landscape contractors, we do not offer shipment of our specimen shade trees for retail customers unless it is sold in a truck load quantity or being delivered with sod to a jobsite.  We ask that retail customers arrange their own shipment or come and pickup their trees at our farm location.  Below are some guidelines on pickup information.

Local Pickup of trees
Address: 6475 State St. Salem, OR 97317
Phone Number: 503-585-8337
Hours: 8 am to 4 pm.  For larger shipments, it would be necessary to arrive by 3 pm.
Stop by the front office for paperwork and further direction to loading areas.

Loading your vehicle
We have equipment available to load into your vehicle.  We ask that the customer lock or tie their trees in place for shipment.  If picking up fewer than 2 trees, a light pickup or small trailer is adequate.  This may require some of the stems to hang over the back of the truck.  This can be done, but it leaves the trees less protected in transportation.  A more preferred method would be utilizing a trailer with sides or enclosure, especially if picking up more than 2 trees.  We have standard docks where we can load large box vans and larger trailers.  Smaller trailers are able to be loaded with our wheel loaders.  Some assistance may be necessary from the customer to ensure placement in the vehicle/trailer is correct.

Shipping Product size details
Think of your tree in the form of a cylinder.  The branches on your tree will be tied up close to the stem, minimizing the overall width of the shipping size.  Most of the weight will be on one end, due to where the roots, root bag and dirt are located.  Dimensions for shipment will be approximate diameter and average height.  Some variation will occur due to the natural diversity of the plant growth.  If purchasing a large number or even a truck load of these trees, we are able to fit approximately 140 trees on a 52’ truck trailer.

Shipping dimensions for Shade/ornamental Trees


Shade Tree


Japanese Maple


10 – 16 ft

7 – 12 ft

6 – 9 ft


3 – 4 ft

3 – 4 ft

4 – 6 ft


Planted dimensions for Shade/ornamental Trees


Shade Tree


Japanese Maple


8 -14 ft

6 – 10 ft

4 – 8 ft


6 – 8 ft

4 – 6 ft

5 – 8 ft


Depending on the type of tree, the root ball or Root control bag with soil will vary in size.  The root ball size has the biggest impact on weight of the tree.  Most product will be sold in the 21″ root control bag.  The weight of the tree is also dependent on how wet the root balls are, which is why in the table below we show an approximate weight range.

Shipping weight based on size of root ball

RCB Size





175-200 lbs

250-300 lbs

300-375 lbs

Special considerations

  • Wind from the transport of trees can dry out leaves and cause them to fall prematurely.  Bringing a tarp and covering them during transport will ensure better survivability and look of tree.
  • If you are not going to plant your tree right away, it would be important to remove the tie string from the branches of the trees so the leaves can have full access to the sun.
  • These trees can move around in transport or fall out of your vehicle.  Be sure to bring tie down straps or other devices to hold the trees during transport.
  • A red flag may be necessary if bringing a smaller vehicle where the tree will hang over the back.  This can help other vehicles be aware of what is being hauled.

Combine your nursery order with sod delivery for a small handling fee.

Looking for sod delivery information? Order sod here.

Questions? Contact us or call us at (503) 585-8337 today.

Combine your nursery order with sod delivery for a small handling fee.
Looking for sod delivery information? Order sod here.
Questions? Contact us or call us at (503) 585-8337 today.

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