Sod Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours of operations?

Our office is open year-round Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm. April – October we are open Saturday mornings 8am – 10am. We are closed for major holidays.


When is the best time of year to install sod?

As long as the ground is not frozen and there is no snow – allowing for proper ground preparation. Sod can be installed any time of the year. When installing in the spring and fall you would not need to manually water as much as you would when installing in the summer.


What is the size of a roll?

2’ by 5’ which equals 10 sq. ft.


How much is on a pallet? What is the weight of a pallet? What is the size of a pallet?

500 sq. ft. is a full pallet weighing 2,500 – 3,000 pounds. The physical wood pallet measures 4’ by 4’.


What is the minimum for delivery?

500sq. ft. is the minimum for local delivery. Please quote your order online or call our office to verify your order minimum.


How do I get my money back if I return my pallet(s)?

If you bring your pallets to our farm in Salem, OR we will refund the same payment method you paid (Card or check if paid cash). If you are not in the Salem area please check our Retail drop off locations and give us a call when you drop the pallet(s) off. We issue the refund, not the retail store.


Which sod should I choose?

Perennial ryegrass is a common grass; it has a medium to fine blade making it a soft grass, dark green in color, and needs at least 8 hours or 50% direct sunlight, heavy watering through summer heat, medium traffic tolerance.

RTF Rhizomatous Tall Fescue is a hardy grass; it has a wider blade compared to the ryegrass but a fine blade compared to other tall fescues making it a more course grass, it is drought tolerant-withstands the heat of the summer with less watering and more shade tolerant-needing only 3-5 hours of direct sunlight, it’s rhizomatous roots makes for self-repairing and refill of bare spots, high-traffic tolerance for pets and foot traffic.

Why is my RTF yellow?

During fall and through winter months the RTF goes dormant, yellowing and blades thinning is a normal process. Please review our maintenance brochure to know when to fertilize to help this process in the fall and spring.


Why are there mushrooms in my new yard?

Excessive moisture and fertile ground can produce mushrooms. They are not harmful and do not require treatment. If they bother you, they can be manually removed.


Why does my grass have bare spots?

Several reasons can cause this. Your lawn may not be getting enough sunlight and its starting to thin out or if it contracted a disease this could cause patches to die out. Please call our office and talk to a sod expert that can help diagnose your specific issue.


How much does a pallet of sod cost?

We charge by the total square foot not just by pallet. Pricing will vary depending on delivery locations. Please place your order online or call our office for specific pricing.


Does the grass have a netting?

Yes, our sod has netting between the soil. This is required to prevent the soil on the rolls from falling apart from our field to your yard.


Which fertilizer should I use?

For your new lawn:
Fertilizer recommendation is 16x16x16 or 20x20x20 these can be found at your local garden store; a similar formula is okay to use. You’re mostly looking for an even blend – brand is not relevant.
For established lawns:
RTF owners – please refer to our maintenance brochure for the recommended formula and time of year.
Ryegrass owners – can use the same formula and schedule as the RTF brochure.


How do I prepare the ground before I install sod?

For best results when you install sod, rototill about 4-6 inches deep, eliminate drainage problems by having soil slope away from foundations. Rototill in lime, compost etc. as needed about 2-4 in. Rake and smooth the soil – removing rocks, roots and large clods. Roll the area with a lawn roller 1/3 full of water – firming the soil surface and reveal low areas that need more soil. Keep the grade 1-1 ¼” below sidewalks or driveways. Water the soil and spread fertilizer before laying sod.


How long can the pallet sit before install sod?

It is recommended to install the grass the same day you receive it, crucial in warmer months. In the cooler months of the year it can survive 1-2 days after delivery, but it’s not recommended to wait.


When can I walk on the new grass after install?

Avoid heavy or concentrated use during the first three weeks. This helps give the roots opportunity to firmly establish with the soil and avoids causing uneven ground in the soil.


How much should I water the new sod?

At least 1 inch of water within 30 minutes of installation. Water daily*, keeping turf moist until firmly rooted (about 2 weeks). Then less frequent watering can begin. Be sure to keep the soil moist.
*weather conditions will dictate the amount of water and frequency; warmer weather can cause rolls to shrink permanently.

How often do I fertilize?

Please refer to our maintenance guide (both grasses can use the same recommendations)


When can I mow my new yard?

Usually a couple weeks after installation. Wait until your sod is firmly rooted before the first mow. Never remove more than 1/3rd of the original height at any time. Blade heights vary by species; between 1.5 – 3in.


What if I have a lot of shade?

RTF is recommended for higher shaded areas needing only about 3-5 hours of direct sunlight.


What if I have NO shade?

Both ryegrass and RTF perform well in FULL sun areas. RTF is more drought tolerant requiring less water through the warmer months of the year.


How much extra should I order?

Dependent on the shape of the yard it’s recommended to order about 10% overage.


How do I measure my area?

Circle: Radius (ft.)^2 * pi (Radius = edge of circle into center)
Triangle: Base (ft.) * Height (ft.) / 2 (base times height divided by 2)
Rectangle/Square: Length (ft.) * Width (ft.) (longest length times widest width)
For a yard with multiple shapes or areas: break the yard into the above shapes and add the totals together for your grand total square footage.

For pallet drop off locations: Retail pick up in the Portland/Metro Area

For fast, simple delivery information: Sod Delivery and Order Information

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