Caring For Your Sod

Installing your Sod

Step 1 – Measure and Order

Create a sketch of your lawn area, with length, width, and any unusual features, like slopes or curves. Each roll of sod is 2 feet x 5 feet, 10 square feet.

If you need help determining the amount you need, give us a call and we are happy to help.

Step 2 – Prepare your Landscape

Plan to install your sod the day of delivery if possible. Our sod is cut and delivered fresh.

Prepare your soil by rototilling 4-6 inches deep. Rake soil to create a smooth base, free of rocks, roots and dense dirt clogs. Level and redirect any slopes away from your home or other structure foundations and sidewalks. Water the soil evenly to check for drainage and so that soil is evenly moist before you unroll your sod.

Step 3 – Installation

Turfgrass is a living plant and will need to be watered and given sun and soil to survive. Begin unrolling your sod on the longest straight line in your lawn area. A straight driveway or sidewalk is a good place to begin. When you begin the next roll be sure to match the edges without gaps or spaces between. Eventually the grass will grow together to create a strong complete lawn. Stagger the ends of each roll, the way bricks are laid. Use a sharp knife to shape and curve or cut exxess sod that surpasses your desired lawn footprint. Wait to play or walk on the newly laid sod, especially after its first watered. Gently roll the area to remove air pockets between your soil and the new sod. This encourages healthy root establishment.

Step 4 – Watering

Water each day for the first two to three weeks, so that roots grow into your soil. After the initial period of sod care, watering can be less frequent but for longer periods. Be aware that areas closer to reflective heat (like sidewalks or buildings) will need more irrigation than those in shady or landscaped areas of the lawn. Take caution to reduce traffic over your new lawn until it’s had about a month following installation.

Step 5 – Ongoing Maintenance

It’s important to keep a regular schedule of sod care including mowing and fertilizing to keep your lawn healthy. Find more detailed maintenance instructions below.


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