Liner Trees

At Kuenzi Turf & Nursery we have made many investments in our production process to create greater quality trees for our customers. Our liner trees are no exception. Many varieties are available as bare root trees, others are grown in a 10” in-ground fabric bag. This method increases overall plant health, creating a balanced branch structure and strong root system. Primarily, we have placed the liners that are hard to transplant into the in-ground root control bag, while the more rigorous/easy to transplant trees are grown as bare root. In many cases, the in-ground fabric bag liners reduce transplant loss significantly.

We take special care in the pruning process for all of our trees. We prune each one multiple times to ensure you receive a well branched tree, pruned at the right time, and harvested after carbohydrates are stored. Each tree is grown so it is ready to take off in the spring when you plant it.

Benefits of liners:

  • Great variety of trees available
  • Lower cost to customer
  • Lower cost to ship
  • Larger root mass than balled and burlapped trees
  • Less damage to tree (ships while tree is dormant)
  • Same high quality standards

In ground fabric bag versus bare root liners:

Criteria Bare root In-ground fabric bag
Transplant success 30-90% depending on variety 95%+
Weight lightweight 50lbs
Root structure Roots cut off in the harvest process, few hair roots. 90+% in bag
Time to market 3-5 years 2-3 years
Flexibility Requires care to ensure roots do not freeze or dry out prior to planting Flexible storage and care 
In-ground fabric bag
Bare root

Our liner tree line includes popular landscape trees: Beech (Fagus), Elms (Ulmus), Flowering Cherry (Prunus), Gingko, Maples (Acer), Magnolias, Oaks (Quercus) and other classic trees that thrive in American Landscapes.

We also produce small trees for urban landscapes: Stewartia, Styrax and Zelkova, all steadily growing in popularity as trees for small gardens.

For best selection place your wholesale bare root tree order before August. Digging occurs in late Fall and early Winter and trees are shipped out early Spring. We encourage you to place your order early for best selection and to ensure you have your Spring inventory arrive early in the season.

For more details visit our Digging and Shipping page.

Bare root availability coming soon!


For ordering details visit our Digging and Shipping page

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