Sod Harvester

Sod harvester in RTF field.

Kuenzi Turf & Nursery, sod suppliers for the Portland Oregon metro area, Eugene, Salem and Vancouver, WA,  strives for consistent and high-quality products. Our new sod harvester is helping to achieve those goals. Our automatic sod harvesters bring you innovation and mechanization efficiently, producing top quality sod for our customers. The improved technology cuts sod more effectively and produces consistent quality in each roll of sod.

Trebro 2010 roll harvester in RTF field.

Automatic Sod Harvester Benefits

  • Reduces time between field and customer
  • Creates consistent quality between rolls
  • Precise and efficient getting you fresh cut sod
  • Saves production time and increases quality
  • A new cutting head applies even pressure to the sod and cuts a more consistent roll
Firefly Automatix R300 Automated Roll Harvester in RTF field.

New Innovative Technology

  • This sod is rolled more gently providing less unroll time
  • Using Electric Motors to improve speeds and smoother operations
  • Technology continues to improve for efficient harvesting
RTF pallet

Consistent Machine Stacked Pallets

  • Pallets are machine stacked
  • Precisely stacks the pallets every time
  • Pallets stacked for easy delivery and unloading
sod suppliers sod harvester close up

Automated stacking

Harvester Computerization

  • Computerized equipment now requires only one sod supplier employee to operate
  • Eliminates the manual back breaking efforts of an employee
  • Reduces our harvest time
  • Produces a consistent product
Sod supplier harvesting sod gently with a great sod harvester
Firefly Automatix in RTF field.

Great Quality Sod Every Time

  • Consistent quality
  • The same quality you can expect from your sod supplier Kuenzi Turf & Nursery

For pallet drop off locations: Retail pick up in the Portland/Metro Area

For fast, simple delivery information: Sod Delivery and Order Information

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