About Us

Kuenzi Turf & Nursery started in 1990 in Salem, Oregon. We started producing sod on 35 acres, over the last thirty years we’ve expanded to 500 acres of farm production, including deciduous bare root trees, Japanese maples and specimen shade trees.

Throughout the years, two philosophies have guided our growth, the importance of relationships and the quality of our products.

In the nursery business, there are many relationships: the employer to his employee, the grower to the customer, the plant to the soil, and even technology to nature. There are the relationships between quality, cost, reliability and customer satisfaction. To us, each is a link in the chain of excellence. There are no substitutes when it comes to delivering top-notch plants, whether to good friends or existing customers.

We frequently collaborate with other growers. We stay up-to-date on the latest advances on turf and nursery research and conduct our own evaluations to keep improving our products. We share our ideas with local nurseries as well as with others across the United States. We are always working at improving our growing and harvesting techniques to address challenges and bring exceptional quality products to our customers.

As a local business in Oregon’s Willamette Valley we give back to the environment that makes our business possible. We grow our sod and trees with as much attention to environmental stewardship as possible. We use solar panels to offset our energy usage. Our tree production using in-ground grow bags reduces soil compaction, makes fertilizer application more targeted, and sustains the root health of our trees. We also plant cover crops between trees, which add nitrogen and regenerate the soil between rows.

We choose equipment that minimizes soil compaction, and adjust our irrigation schedule to maximize water conservation.

When you buy sod and nursery products from Kuenzi Turf & Nursery you can count on great customer service and consistently high quality products.