Varieties and Photos

Our Tree Species

Hedge Maple
Queen Elizabeth Maple
Vine Maple
Armstrong Maple
Celebration® Maple
Autumn Blaze® Maple
Amur Maple
Paperbark Maple
State Street Maple
Japanese Maple
Columnar Maple
Parkway Maple
Crimson King Maple
Crimson Sentry Maple
Emerald Lustre Maple
Emerald Queen Maple
Royal Red Maple
Bowhall Red Maple
Magnificent Magenta Red Maple
October Glory Red Maple
Red Sunset® Red Maple
Sun Valley Red Maple
Fall Fiesta® Sugar Maple
Green Mountain® Sugar Maple
Pacific Sunset Maple
Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry
Early Glow™ Ohio Buckeye
Autumn Magic Chokecherry
River Birch
Heritage River Birch
Jacquemonti Birch
Dakota Pinnacle® Birch
JN Strain Musclewood Hornbeam
Katsura Tree
Eastern Redbud
Forest Pansy Redbud
Rising Sun Redbud
American Yellowwood
Turkish Filbert
Showy Lantern Enkianthus
American Beech
River’s Purple Beech
Franklin Tree
Autumn Purple Ash
Oregon Ash
Golden Desert Ash
Flowering Ash
Raywood Ash
Cimmaron Ash
Patmore Ash
Summit Ash
Ginkgo Seedling
Autumn Gold Ginkgo
Magyar Ginkgo
Imperial Honeylocust
Shademaster Honeylocust
Skyline Honeylocust
Sunburst Honeylocust
Sunset Gold Honeylocust
Kentucky Coffeetree
Moraine Sweetgum
Worpelston sweetgum
Cucumber Tree
Daybreak Magnolia
Elizabeth Magnolia
Yellowbird Magnolia
Moonglow® Sweetbay Magnolia
Adirondack Crabapple
Prairifire Crabapple
Red Jewel Crabapple
Spring Snow Crabapple
Starlite Crabapple
Black Tupelo
Majestic Tupelo
Wildfire Black Tupelo
Exclamation Planetree
Swedish Columnar Aspen
Quaking Aspen
Thundercloud Plum
Vesuvius Plum
Amonogawa Flg. Cherry
Mt. Fuji Flg. Cherry
Pink Snow Showers® Cherry
Snow Fountain® Cherry
Extraordinaire™ Weeping Cherry
Akebono Cherry
Yoshino Cherry
Shubert Canada Red
Douglas Fir
Aristocrate Flg. Pear
Capital Flg. Pear
Cleveland Select Flg. Pear
Redspire Flg. Pear
White Oak
Swamp White Oak
Gambel Oak
Oregon White Oak
Pin Oak
Fragrant Sumac
Baby Blue Eyes Spruce
Ivory Silk Tree Lilac
Redmond Linden
Corinthian Linden
Satin Shadow Linden
Frontier Elm
Accolade Elm
Princeton Elm
Green Vase Zelkova

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