Emerald Queen Maple

Botanical Name: Acer platanoides ‘Emerald Queen’

Alternate Name: Emerald Queen Norway Maple

Emerald Queen Maple (Acer platanoides ‘Emerald Queen’) is a vital and adaptable tree. It is useful as a street or shade tree, offering a thick canopy of leaves. This tree is relatively low maintenance and keeps its shape without much pruning. It is best to prune the Emerald Queen Maple in summer only, once the leaves have fully grown in. If pruning is attempted in late winter or early spring, the sap will bleed.

Emerald Queen Norway Maple is an excellent choice for larger landscapes. It has no significant negative characteristics, although it can reseed easily. ‘Emerald Queen’ develops a high oval canopy as it ages, with the lowest branches at around 7 feet. Planting under power lines is not recommended.

As the tree matures, the lower branches can be carefully removed to raise the canopy for clearance above sidewalks and roads. Emerald Queen Maple can live up to 100 years or more. It is a heritage tree for future generations.

Emerald Queen Norway Maple will thrive in urban locations and is incredibly tolerant of traffic pollution. As such, it makes a perfect street tree, and its large canopy is suitable for urban cooling. Minor problems can occur with susceptibility to aphids and scale that can cause honeydew drip and sooty mold problems. Surface roots can cause problems with sidewalks.

Height: 40-50 ft.

Width: 35-45 ft.

Shape: Oval

Flower Color: Greenish-Yellow

Flowering time: March-April

Fall Color: Yellow

Features: Flowers are followed by samaras (to 1 1/2” long).

Exposure: Full Sun

Watering: Moderate & Regular water - do not allow soil to dry out

Soil: Tolerant of acidic, neutral and alkaline soils

Growth Rate: Fast

USDA Zones: 3-7

Uses: Shade tree, lawn tree, street tree

Similar Trees: Acer platanoides 'Crimson King' (Crimson King Maple)

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