Fagus sylvatica ‘Roseomarginata’ – Tricolor European Beech


Botanical Name: Fagus sylvatica ‘Roseomarginata’

Alternate Name: Fagus sylvatica ‘Purpurea Tricolor’, Tricolor Beech, Weeping Tricolor Beech

The Tricolor European Beech (Fagus sylvatica ‘Roseomarginata’) is a cultivar of the European Beech tree, Fagus sylvatica. It has a graceful growth habit with a dense rounded or oval canopy. This cultivar is more compact than Fagus sylvatica ‘Rivers Purple’ and is therefore more useful in smaller landscapes. It grows to a height of 20-30 feet and 10-20 feet wide.

The Tricolor European Beech tree has the beautiful, smooth gray bark typical of the Fagus genus. This tree brings a beautiful winter silhouette to gardens.

The leaves of the Tricolor Beech unfold in the spring, shiny and deep purple in the center, with a cream and rose margin. ‘Tricolor’ refers to the three colors found on the tree’s glossy leaves – deep purple, bright fuchsia-pink, and cream. The purple transforms into a more bronze-green center with a more pronounced cream or pink margin as summer progresses. The leaves have the typical beech tree prominent venation and are elliptical in shape with widely toothed margins. The foliage then turns a dazzling bronze-gold color in the fall.

Tricolor European Beech will not thrive in wet, poorly drained soils. It can be difficult to transplant. This cultivar is tolerant of urban pollution and is adaptable to different soil conditions, including compacted soil. It is therefore a great tree for planting in urban areas. No serious disease or insect problems.

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Height: 20-30 ft.
Width: 10-20 ft.
Shape: Rounded, Oval
Flower Color: Yellowish-Green
Flowering Time: March-May
Fall Color: Bronze-Gold
Features: Attractive foliage color, good fall color
Exposure: Part Shade to prevent leaf scorch
Watering: Moderate & Regular
Soil: Prefers rich, moist, and well-drained soils. Tolerant of a wide range of soil pH and soil types, as long as drainage is good.
Growth Rate: Slow
USDA Zones: 4-7
Uses: Specimen tree, shade tree, lawn tree, park tree
Similar Trees: American Beech Tree (Fagus grandifolia), European Beech (Fagus sylvatica), Dawyck Purple Beech (Fagus sylvatica ‘Dawyck Purple’), River’s Purple Beech (Fagus sylvatica ‘River’s Purple’), Purple Fountain Beech (Fagus sylvatica ‘Purple Fountain’), Red Obelisk Beech (Fagus sylvatica ‘Red Obelisk’)

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