Ulmus americana ‘Princeton’ – Princeton Elm


Botanical Name: Ulmus americana ‘Princeton’

Alternate Name: Princeton American Elm

The Princeton Elm tree (Ulmus americana ‘Princeton’) is a vigorous, fast growing, large deciduous tree with a vase-shaped upright growth habit and long branches. This tree appreciates plenty of below ground area for roots and above ground space for growth.

This tree is a true American Elm that is native to central and eastern North America. It is found growing along streams and rivers in moist soil. ‘Princeton’ is not a hybrid cross but was selected from a specimen at Princeton Nurseries in New Jersey in 1922. This tree grows to a height of 50-70 feet with a spread of 30-50 feet.

The leaves of the Princeton Elm are dark green and oval to elliptical in shape with a rough surface. They measure up to 6 inches in length with serrated margins and an asymmetrical leaf base. The fall foliage display is a vibrant golden yellow.

The flowers are small, green, and inconspicuous. They bloom in March or April before the leaves emerge. The fruits are samaras with single-seeds and oval, papery wings – maturing in April or May as the leaves reach their full size. The gray bark has vertical ridges and furrows.

This tree tolerates wet soils that can be soggy in the spring and fall after heavy rains, making it the ideal selection for a rain garden. It is also adaptable to dry soils as well as air pollution. It has excellent resistance to Dutch Elm disease.

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Height: 50-70 ft.
Width: 30-50 ft.
Shape: Vase
Flower Color: Green
Flowering Time: March-April
Fall Color: Yellow
Features: Bright fall color, adaptable street tree, tolerates wet soils
Exposure: Full Sun to Part Sun
Watering: Moderate & Regular
Soil: Prefers deep, rich, moist, well-drained loam, but is adaptable to wet and dry soils.
Growth Rate: Fast
USDA Zones: 3-9
Uses: Shade tree, street tree, park tree, rain garden
Similar Trees: New Horizon Elm (Ulmus ‘New Horizon’), Prospector Elm (Ulmus x wilsoniana ‘Prospector’), Frontier Elm (Ulmus x carp. ‘Frontier’), Accolade™ Elm (Ulmus ‘Morton’ ), Triumph™ Elm (Ulmus ‘Morton Glossy’)

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