Prairie Titan™ Kentucky Coffeetree

Botanical Name: Gymnocladus dioicus ‘J.C. McDaniel’

The Prairie TitanKentucky Coffeetree is a large, low maintenance deciduous tree with a beautiful upright, spreading form. The scaffold branches are strong and well-spaced. This graceful tree develops a rounded or oval-shaped crown. It grows to a height of 50-60 feet with a spread of 40 feet.

Prairie TitanKentucky Coffeetree (Gymnocladus dioicus ‘J.C. McDaniel’) is a male variety and is therefore seedless. It is a cultivar of the Kentucky Coffee Tree, Gymnocladus dioicus. This variety was discovered by plantsman J.C. McDaniel on the campus of University of Illinois. The species tree is found growing naturally in the northeastern United States and in parts of the midwest.

The foliage of this Kentucky Coffeetree cultivar is one of the last to leaf out in spring. It is doubly compound and has coarse yet graceful elliptical shaped leaflets. The stems of the whole leaf can reach up to 2-3 feet long. The individual leaflets measure approximately 6-7 inches long. The foliage is a deep, forest green or blue-green and turns yellow in the fall.

The early summer flowers grow in greenish-white pendulous panicles. The gray-brown bark is scale-like and ridged. This attractive bark shows off the tree’s winter silhouette.

The Prairie Titan Kentucky Coffee tree thrives when planted in full sun. It is tolerant of many different soils and environmental conditions – both wet and dry. This tree will grow well in drought conditions and also tolerates urban pollution. These qualities make it well suited for use as a street and a park tree, as well as planting in xeriscaped landscapes.

No significant pest or diseases.

Height: 50-60 ft.

Width: 20 ft.

Shape: Round, Oval

Flower Color: Greenish-White

Flowering Time: May-June

Fall Color: Yellow

Features: Vertical accent, coarse textured foliage

Exposure: Full Sun

Watering: Moderate & Regular, Drought tolerant once established

Soil: Prefers rich, moist soils. Tolerant of a wide range of soils conditions and alkaline soil.

Growth Rate: Slow

USDA Zones: 4-8

Uses: Street tree, shade tree, lawn tree, urban landscapes, large landscapes, wildlife tree, xeriscaping

Similar Trees: Decaf® Kentucky Coffeetree (Gymnocladus dioicus 'McKBranched'), Espresso™ Kentucky Coffeetree (Gymnocladus dioicus 'Espresso-JFS')

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