Perennial Ryegrass Sod

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Sod is harvested in 10 sq. ft. rolls.  Please round to the nearest 10 sq. ft.

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When growing quality sod we chose three perennial ryegrasses for their individual strengths and overall quality. These varieties first come through intensive breeding programs and then prove themselves at the highest levels in the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program. Each performs well in our Northwest climate and under all levels of management including the golf course, commercial or residential landscapes.

Our current three-way blend of perennial ryegrass is (Blue Tag Certified):
  • 33.3% – Home Run perennial ryegrass
  • 33.3% – Apple GL perennial ryegrass
  • 33.3% – Stellar GL perennial ryegrass
Features & Benefits
    • Cool-season grass – moderately dark green with good density and fine leaf texture – known for its rapid establishment rate – produces attractive, tough leaves and low growing crowns that create a stable turf – easy to maintain.
    • Excellent disease and insect resistance.
    • Improved heat and drought tolerance in the summer and better density in the winter.
    • Tolerant to:
      • Gray Leaf Spot
      • Red thread
      • Brown blight
      • Brown patch
      • Pythium
      • Rust
      • Mows to a nice clean finish
Recommended Usage

Prefers regions with mild winters and cool moist summers, however, it is highly adaptable and widely used – compatible in mixes with bluegrass and fine fescue – can be used for sport fields and play areas.

Wear Resistance

Good – suitable to moderate recreation and foot traffic areas exhibiting good initial wear recovery, especially in spring and fall, when growth is rapid.


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