Nyssa sylvatica ‘M O N N2’ Majestic Blackgum, Black Tupelo, Majestic Tupelo

Majestic Blackgum, Black Tupelo, Majestic Tupel

Exposure: Full Sun
USDA Hardiness Zone: 3 - 9
Height: 40’
Spread: 20’
Shape: Upright Vase
Foliage: Dark Glossy Green
Fall Color: Orange-Red
Growth Rate: Moderate
Soil Type: Moist Preferred
Flowers: White, Spring
Ornamental Features: White flowers, excellent fall color, specimen tree

Nyssa sylvatica ‘M O N N2’ is an improved ornamental variety of an often underrated landscape tree. ‘M O N N2’ is commonly known as Majestic Blackgum or Black Tupelo Tree. This cultivar was discovered as a seedling selection from a Nyssa sylvatica ‘Carolyn’ growing in Longenecker Gardens at the University of Wisconsin arboretum in Madison.

‘M O N N2’ became known in the trade as Majestic and was initially grown in a block of 300 Nyssa seedlings in 1992. After many years of observation, it was noticed that this tree had the unique qualities that made it stand apart from other Nyssa varieties. Majestic has ascending branching and a strong central leader that required no encouragement. This is a quality that has often been found lacking in other varieties of the tree.

Majestic’s ornamental features are improved as well. Their leaves are much darker and glossier than other cultivars. Majestic’s foliage also has far fewer issues with leaf spot which can be problematic for Nyssa as a species. Its fall color is as or more spectacular than other types. While dark red in northern Illinois where it originated, in Oregon, growers have observed it to be closer to orange. This feature only enhances its ornamental qualities as a landscape tree.

This tree is a moderate grower. It is slower than southern selections, but it’s great advantage over southern selections is hardiness. The ‘M O N N2,’ Majestic Blackgum has experienced many cold northern winters, including temperatures as low as -28 degrees, with no damage or dieback.

It’s recommended that it be budded onto seedling understock from the same parentage to insure its hardiness. Its budding success makes it an excellent addition for growers and landscapers to add to their inventory.

Other closely related species or names: Seedling of Nyssa sylvatica ‘Carolyn.’ Also referred and often labeled as Nyssa sylvatica ‘Majestic’


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