Green Mountain® Sugar Maple

Botanical Name: Acer saccharum ‘Green Mountain’

The Green Mountain Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum ‘Green Mountain’) is a deciduous sugar maple. It grows to a height of 40-60 feet with a 35 feet spread. Its canopy is symmetrical and pyramidal or rounded in shape. It has a straight central leader, with strongly attached scaffold branches that rarely fail.

This sugar maple  is commonly found in the Eastern hardwood forests of the United States and Canada. However, it will thrive in most of the United States. With its radiant yellow and orange tones, it contributes to the spectacular color that these forests display every fall.

The Green Mountain Sugar Maple develops delicate and small yellow-green flowers in the spring before the leaves unfurl. The flowers transform into two-winged samaras. The leaves of ‘Green Mountain’ are dark green and star-shaped, with a leathery texture. They are approximately 6-8 inches wide with 3-5 lobes.

This sugar maple cultivar is resistant to leaf scorch when it receives enough water. It is also resistant to leafhoppers.

Green Mountain Sugar Maple is not tolerant of pollution or road salt. It should not be planted in compacted soil, as this could lead the tree to develop verticillium wilt.

Height: 40-60 ft.

Width: 35 ft.

Shape: Rounded/Pyramidal

Flower Color: Yellow-Green

Flowering Time: April

Fall Color: Bright Red, Orange, Yellow

Features: Dramatic fall color, handsome deep green glossy leaves in spring and summer

Exposure: Full Sun to Part Shade

Watering: Moderate & Regular

Soil: Prefers rich soils with average moisture - the soil shouldn’t be allowed to dry out. Not particular about soil pH. Avoid planting in compacted soil.

Growth Rate: Moderate

USDA Zones: 3-8

Uses: Specimen tree, shade tree, lawn tree, park tree

Similar Trees: Acer saccharum ‘Bailsta’ (Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple)

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