Exclamation!™ London Planetree

Botanical Name: Platanus acerifolia ‘Morton Circle’

Alternate Name: Exclamation!™ Planetree

The Exclamation!™ London Planetree (Platanus acerifolia ‘Morton Circle’) is a smaller variety of planetree. It is hybrid cross between Platanus occidentalis (American Sycamore) and Platanus orientalis (Old World Sycamore), developed by George Ware at the Morton Arboretum of Lisle, Illinois. This tree has a strong central leader, which is characteristic of the species, with a vigorous, uniform and dense upward growth habit. It is a pyramidal deciduous tree that grows to a height of 60 feet and a width of 45 feet.

The leaves of Exclamation!™ London Planetree are mid-green, deeply lobed, and palmately shaped. The foliage is dense and provides good shade. It turns yellow in the autumn, and the leaf drop is fast.

Similar to the London Planetree, the Exclamation!™ London Planetree has interesting exfoliating bark – this is its main attraction. The bark peels off in large pieces, exposing the pretty inner bark that is a patchwork of brown, tan, and green. The seed production by this tree is light in juveniles and grows even less as the tree matures. The fruit and flowers are not ornamentally significant.

Exclamation!™ London Planetree is resistant to anthracnose and also shows good resistance to powdery mildew. Both are diseases that often affect planetrees.

This tree grows easily and is long-lived. It prefers to grow in full sun with good air circulation. It is adaptable to growing in many different soil types as well as both wet and dry conditions. It is also tolerant of flooding and urban pollution. Therefore, it is an appropriate specimen to plant in parking medians and as a street tree.

Height: 60 ft.

Width: 45 ft.

Shape: Pyramidal, Conical

Flower Color: Red, Green

Flowering Time: March-April

Fall Color: Yellow

Features: Interesting exfoliating bark

Exposure: Full Sun

Watering: Moderate & Regular

Soil: Adaptable to dry and wet sites and a wide range of soil types.

Growth Rate: Moderate-Fast

USDA Zone: 4-8

Uses: Shade tree, lawn tree, park tree, urban tree, parking lot islands

Similar Trees: Acer platanoides species, Ohio Buckeye (Aesculus glabra)

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