Carya illinoinensis – Hardy Pecan

Hardy Pecan Tree is a Hickory native to the area around the Mississippi river and Northern Mexico.  Grows 50-100 feet tall and has a large, rounded crown and dark green foliage.

This majestic tree is a beautiful shade tree for large landscapes and parks—and female flowers produce good-sized, thin-shelled nuts. Pecans are known for their brittle branches, prone to breakage during wind storms. 

Pecan leaves are odd-pinnate, compound leaves, with each leaf having 9-17 pointed leaflets. Leaflets range from 2-7” long. Leaves mature to yellow green in summer, eventually turning yellow brown in fall. Non-showy, monoecious greenish yellow flowers appear in April-May, the male flowers in pendulous catkins (to 4” long) and the female flowers in short spikes.

For the best performance, plant the Hardy Pecan Tree in moist, well-drained soils, full sun, to part shade.  It has a high drought tolerance.


Fall Color

Growth Rate

Mature Height

Mature Width



USDA Zones

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Height: 75-100 ft.
Width: 40-70 ft.
Shape: Oval, Rounded  

Flower Color: Insignificant greenish yellow
Flowering Time: April to May
Fall Color: Golden yellow
Features: Edible nuts, fall color
Exposure: Full sun
Watering: Medium
Soil: Prefers sandy loam texture and a clay subsoil
Growth Rate: Moderate
USDA Zones: 5-9
Shade Tree
Fruit: Edible Nut
Similar Trees: Shagbark Hickory


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