Fast Growing Privacy Trees

Whether in a backyard, garden, or along property lines, trees can be planted to achieve more privacy in your yard. There are many ways to use trees in the landscape to provide more seclusion and enhance the look of your yard.

Privacy Screens

Planting trees in strategic locations creates natural screens. Evergreen trees like Leyland cypress, arborvitae, or holly are popular because they provide consistent privacy due to their year-round dense foliage.

Layered Planting

Combine trees with shrubs and bushes to form multi-layered barriers. This adds depth to the privacy shield and enhances visual appeal. For example, taller trees at the back, medium-sized shrubs in the middle, and lower bushes closer to the viewing areas.

Espalier Trees

These are trees trained to grow flat against a wall or trellis. They’re perfect for limited spaces and provide a living privacy fence while taking up minimal space.

Mixed Species Planting

Mixing various tree species creates diversity, improving the visual appeal and offering a more robust privacy barrier. Combining evergreens with deciduous trees provides year-round privacy and adds seasonal interest.

Tree Canopies and Arbors

Large, overhanging trees or a series of trees with intertwining branches can form a natural canopy. This canopy provides privacy and a serene, shaded area underneath.


Planting closely spaced trees in a row can create a thick hedge, offering privacy and acting as a sound barrier. Species like privet, boxwood, or laurel work well for this purpose.

Fast-Growing Trees for Privacy

Some species, like poplar, willow, or hybrid cottonwood, are fast-growing and can provide privacy within just a few seasons.

When using trees for privacy, it’s crucial to consider factors like the space available, local climate, soil conditions, maintenance needs, and the desired height and density of the barrier. Regular pruning, watering, and care are essential to ensure the trees grow effectively and maintain the desired level of privacy.

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