Specimen Shade & Conifer Trees

Here at Kuenzi Turf & Nursery we work hard at growing quality specimen shade and flowering trees. We predominately only sell our trees between 1 3/4 – 3″ caliper. This allows us to prune each tree several times, to develop a well balanced branching structure, before shipping to our customers. Correctly pruning when a tree is juvenile is imperative. Once you receive a tree with poor branching structure, it is difficult to near impossible to correct.

All our specimen shade trees are grown in a 21″ In-Ground fabric bag, which allows us to harvest year round. Click here to learn more about the great qualities of our 21″ In-Ground fabric bag.

Our shade tree production is all grown with drip irrigation. Each tree has a drip emitter, which allows us to efficiently apply water and fertilizer. A few of the benefits we are able to achieve are:

  • Conserve water!
  • Effectively apply fertilizer inside the 21″ In-Ground fabric bag (Where the roots are)
  • Prevent soil compaction created by overhead irrigation
  • Prevent soil erosion!