In-Ground Fabric Bag

All good nursery stories begin with an idea. Eventually that idea becomes a plan to produce a better product. Our journey began with touring other nurseries, and often seeing only silhouettes of Oaks where once thriving trees proudly stood. To see this time and again challenged us to do better. Growers just don’t need this kind of frustration.

We began to look at the ‘Root’ of the problem, which was just that the ‘Root System’ needed to be improved. We had been growing our specimen trees in 21” In-Ground fabric bags for years, and knew the benefits of that system, and how it improved root structures, and improved transplant survivability. We scaled that program down to liner production size, and began growing Oak liners in a 10” In-Ground fabric bag.

Some of you have already experienced the benefits of this system (view testimonials at the bottom), while others of you need to become involved with this success story. Please let the following pictures testify for themselves of our story. Whether you are a field or container grower, if what you see is what you’d like to produce, please investigate this system for yourself by calling us at 1-800-285-8337!

This Northern Red Oak seed was germinated in a moist sawdust bed in February 2007.  The tap root was pruned to 1” and planted in an Anderson Band pot (2 7/8” x 6”).  You can see root branching just below the soil line in this photo.  It was fall planted in the 10” In-Ground fabric bag in September 2007.  We dug and washed off the soil for this picture on November 18, 2008.  In late February this Oak will be cut down to two inches and the best bud will be trained up a rod the following growing season.

This Northern Red Oak is now one-year older than Photo A.  The one year top is ¾” caliper and 7’+ tall.  Notice the root branching just below the soil line.  Photo dated November 18, 2008.


This Northern Red Oak is now a 2-year top at 1” caliper and well branched, photo dated November 18, 2008.  The root caliper is larger.  Notice all the roots that were pruned by the fabric bag, they are callused and ready to shoot forth fibrous roots. 

This 1 ½” caliper Northern Red oak in our 10” In-Ground fabric bag was planted the first week of May 2008 into a 21” bag.  In the photo, inside the circle, notice the mass of roots coming out of the callused root end made by the 10” In-Ground fabric bag.  This photo is 6 ½ months after planting, dated November 18, 2008.


This 1 ½” caliper Northern Red Oak made these roots in 6 ½ months in the 21” In-Ground fabric bag.  There is no root pruning yet (by the 21” bag), so for those of you that planted these in the spring of 2008, this is what you have in the field. Don’t you just love it?!


Another close up photo of the 1 ½” caliper Northern Red Oak in our 21” In-Ground fabric bag.  Just imagine these roots in the top portion of YOUR spade dug ball.


This is the crown we have developed on our Northern Red Oak. Our 1” branched Northern Red Oak liner
The 1 ½” branched Northern Red Oak planted in May of 2008. Was 1 ¾”+ on November 18, 2008.
A word from those with personal experience with the In-Ground fabric bag…

“As a long time proponent and user of In-Ground fabric bags here in the mid-west, I’m very pleased to find a west coast grower doing such a good job providing liners using this technology. Please, Kuenzi, continue to expand your liner offerings.”
– Ken Kazimier, Majestic Oaks Nursery – Owner, Illinois

“I want you to know that the In-Ground fabric bag oaks we bought from Kuenzi Turf & Nursery last spring have out performed all of the bare root oaks from other vendors. They have put on a lot of growth without the transplant shock that you normally expect from a bare-root liner. The countless fibrous roots on these oak liners not only benefit the trees when lining them out, but are a huge plus when digging these oaks as a finished product in a few years. We all know how difficult it is to transplant oaks. I strongly recommend these Root-Control bag oaks to anyone.”
– Lance Platts, Breezy Hill Nursery – Production Manager, Wisconsin

“Kuenzi oak liners in In-Ground fabric bags are giving us the quality, consistency, and transplant success we are not finding with bare-root oak liners. Quick to root in, superior first season growth, and excellent survival rates. These liners are producing quality trees.”
– Mark Levandoski, Kaneville Tree Farm – Production Manager, Illinois