Bare Root Trees

Man holding a Bare Root Tree

As the bare root tree industry continues to grow and change we here at Kuenzi Turf & Nursery continue to find it necessary to focus on growing and changing in ways that will bring the greatest benefit to our customers. Our focus is being able to have bare root trees for sale with a well balanced head, a strong root system. We also sell at a price that, to be honest with you, does not fully encompass all the quality we work to produce in every tree.

Quality Bare Root Trees For Sale

Quality is our focus and as we strive to satisfy our customers. Therefore, we have made large investments to ensure our bare root trees will perform in the outstanding manner our customers surely deserve.

Our most recent quality focus has been on producing the best roots possible on Oak. Oak is a high demand tree. Oak is also a tough tree to establish good quality roots on. Because of this we now grow and ship all of our Oak lines in a 10″ In Ground fabric bag.

Fabric Bags

After removing the 10″ In Ground fabric bag off the Regal Prince Oak you will notice the proliferation of roots that have been created on this Regal Prince® Oak. For more pictures of the Regal Prince Oak see the Liner Root Mass webpage. In addition, in the photos you will see many swelled nodules that were created as the roots tried to penetrate the In-Ground fabric bag.

This process in a sense girdles the roots and creates a swelled root tip. This in essence is stored carbohydrates that will allow for great energy (i.e. Growth) upon planting. Because of this, the root mass produced by the In-Ground fabric bag will far out produce any other bare root tree Oak liner.

With most of the extra costs and work being done at our nursery we intend this bare root tree to be an outstanding seller with the capabilities of achieving exceptional growth in the transplant year. The benefits reaped from these trees could eliminate, we hope, as much as 1 to 2 years off the production time. Therefore, our customers will have a faster turn around for their dollar! If this sounds good to you give us a call at 800.285.8337!

We live to serve you, our valuable customers!

“As a long time proponent and user of In-Ground fabric bags here in the mid-west, I’m very pleased to find a west coast grower doing such a good job providing liners using this technology. Please, Kuenzi, continue to expand your liner offerings.”
– Ken Kazimier, Majestic Oaks Nursery – Owner, Illinois

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